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Foto: © Benson Kites

Box of Tricks "The infamous Box of Tricks is undoubtedly one of the World's most popular trick kites. This kite has been leading the revolution in trick and freestyle flying since it was first introduced in the UK in 1995. As flown and recommended by Andy Wardley , the Box of Tricks now features his own Active Bridle configuration."
Name: Box of Tricks Style: Trick Frame: 6mm Structil Hi-Mod/Standard Sail: Icarex PC31 Bridle: Active Wingspan: 2.36m (93") Weight: 224g (8.0 oz) Wind: 5-28 kph (3-18 mph)

Foto: © Benson Kites

Gemini "The ultimate next-generation extreme freestyle machine designed by Andy Wardley and Tim Benson . The Gemini breaks all the rules and laughs in the face of traditional kite design. Easy to control, predictable and precise in flight, yet capable of the most incredible tricks ever conceived. The Gemini features a unique twin spine design to increase stability with no compromise to trick performance. The advanced Cross-Active Bridle further enhances the flying experience, allowing smooth transition through trick and freestyle manoeuvres."
Name: Gemini Style: Freestyle/Trick Frame: 6mm Structil Hi-Mod/Standard Sail: Icarex PC31 / Mylar Bridle: Cross Active Wingspan: 2.16m (85") Weight: 259g (9.25 oz) Wind: 5-30 kph (3-19 mph)

Foto: © Benson Kites

Phantom Elite Standard "The Phantom Elite, like its predecessor, the original Benson Phantom, has become widely recognised as one of the most influential kites of its time. Popular with competition fliers and leisure fliers alike, it is predictable and precise in flight while remaining responsive and alert to user control. In addition to its smooth handling, it is capable of many tricks and advanced moves."
Name: Phantom Style: Precision/Ballet/Freestyle Frame: Skyshark 3P Sail: Icarex PC31 Bridle: Static Wingspan: 2.54m (100") Weight: 231g (8.25 oz) Wind: 2-19 kph (1-12 mph)

Foto: © Benson Kites
Deep Space 'From the award-winning design team of Tim Benson and Andy Wardley, the Deep Space is the latest (and dare we say greatest) kite to escape from the Benson Kites workshop. Known during the design and prototyping phase as the "C-Class", the Deep Space has been almost two years in the making and has evolved through dozens of prototypes and thousands of hours of test flying.

The Deep Space is an all-round freestyle kite that is precise, reliable and responsive, making it easy to fly and accessible to all. However, it is also capable of the most extreme tricks, again behaving with a high degree of accuracy and predictability, making tricks easier to nail, and more reliably repeatable. The feeling is sharp, and crisp but not harsh. Like all Benson kites, the Deep Space excels at free-flowing flying, providing smooth transitions into, out of, and between tricks for advanced and extended combinations and seamless freestyle flying. ...'
Name: Deep Space Style: Freestyle Frame: Skyshark P200 / 5PT Sail: Icarex PC31 Bridle: Semi-Active Wingspan: 2.14m (84") Weight: 275g (9.75 oz) (+15g tail ballast) Wind: 5-28 kph (3-18 mph)

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