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Foto © Bluemoon
Mantis The design concepts for the Mantis were deceptively simple - develop a new kite that would live up to the expectations of the modern freestyle flyer, yet not compromise the aerodynamic and construction advances made in the last 10 years. The kite should be reinforced in all the right places but not overbuilt to the point of aesthetic clumsiness. A primary concern was that the kite have a solid "Blue Moon" feel out of the bag, and I think that's been realized. One of our testers called the precision and tracking better than the Mamba! The Mantis reacts well to larger inputs than is typical of most Blue Moon kites, so it's a natural fit for a variety of flying styles. When you unroll the Mantis for it's first flight, you'll find an unprecedented level of adjustability to the standoffs and bridle. The goal with the tuning options was to allow you a chance to make the kite truly "yours", rather than settle for one-size-fits-all. A key component of making all this adjustability work in the field is an easily understood online reference chart of settings from the Mantis test team. In addition to the recommended settings, our test team is available to answer your tuning questions on the Blue Moon support forum. My guess is a very large number of Mantis flyers will never feel a need to change anything on the kite, but the options are always there! The wealth of tuning options really comes into play for those with more technical flying styles. Plug a standoff into a different hole, maybe make a slight bridle tweak, add a little ballast to the tail and voila, you have what one of the testers called "a backspinning, Jacob's-laddering machine"

Foto © Bluemoon
Mamba In the 10 Years that I've been building kites, I can't remember a design that's surprised me as much as the Mamba. What I set out to build was a hard-core precision kite. Medium speed, wide wind range, big window. What I hadn't planned on was the freestyle capabilities the Mamba has shown me! While it will cut a precision figure with the best of them, not many kites will transition from square cuts into a fruit roll-up or 540 without missing a beat.

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