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Bitte beachte, dass die Texte von den Herstellern übernommen sind.

Grafik © NT
"The Dynamite is considered one of the best sport kites available. It effectively mixes your ability to learn and then perform the most advanced precision and slack line tricks imaginable. Now framed with an Avia .230 carbon frame."

Grafik © NT
"Looking for power? The Firestorm has power and performance not often found in kites of this size. Precision, some slack line tricks, and low wind flying are all possible. Did we forget to mention the pull? Includes 200 lb high performance Spectra line. Enough said."

Big Bang An all-around high-performance trick kite, the Big Bang enables beginners to learn and execute the most advanced slack line tricks. As part of this complete package, we've included the best selling instructional DVD, Dodd's Flight School. Get the most bang for your buck (sorry, we couldn't resist).

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